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Series of Endometriosis Articles (VI) - Natural Treatments: Chemical Cells Salt, Diet ,Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy and Essential Oils

Endometriosis Articles (176 to 215) written By Kyle J. Norton and Karen Klam

Before reading any article, you might want to know how to find the best endometriosis self help program, if you have endometriosis.

How to Find The Best Endometriosis Self Help Program

Written by Kyle J. Norton

Endometriosis is a Chronic condition that afflicts over 5 millions women between 20- 40 years old age group in the US alone and increases rapidly in the world population, especially in Asia. It is caused by environmental toxins, unhealthy diet, and recent economical prosperity. During menstruation, the menstrual lining in the inside of the uterus is expelled known as menstruation blood but instead some of the endometriosis tissues growing somewhere else in the body causes endometriosis.
Endometriosis is treatable and manageable by natural remedies and a self help course, if you have endometroisis, please look at the bright side. Here are some essential conditions to find the best endometriosis self help program.

1. Qualification of the writer
Since conventional treatment has some success in treating endometriosis but without some side effects, qualification of the author becomes importance. It not only gives you the confidence to follow the program, but it also let's you know that the author also understands the conventional treatment and its side effect. I, myself prefer people with extensive experience in fields of diets and have been working for years with conventional medication and specializing in endometriosis such as dietitian, RN specializing in nutritional supplements, and alternative medicine.

2. Program written must pin point the treatment
The program should pin point the author intentions. How exactly will the program help ??
How long will it take ?? What types of treatment will you get??

3. Details of diagnosis
The program must also pin point each symptoms and causes. Since each woman experiences endometriosis uniquely, the treatment must also be designed specifically and uniquely for each of them.

4. Exact dosage must be given

Most endometriosis health sites only provide general information and for education purposes, it is hard to find any of them with specific dosage of treatment. For paid self help programs, it should provide exactly how much you should take and when is the best time to take them.

5. Must not alter much of the living style
Starting a new program is not easy. Some self help programs require you to change your diet or life style completely, this is a no-no for a self help program. Since our body requires time to adjust for any changes in the diet, abruptly changing your diet may do more harm than good. The best program should be one that makes you understand how the change will do in treating your disease and give you time to achieve that goal slowly.

6. Diet must be included in the treatment program
Using nutritional supplements or herbs are helpful in treating endometriosis. Without daily intake of healthy food, the program may not work effectively and the time required for the treatment may take longer.

7. Side effects must be included in the treatment
Some herbs may have some mild side effects, if taken in large doses or for a prolong period of time. The best self help program should also address that as well.

8. Given time length for improvement
Nutritional supplements and herbs may need time to take effect, but you will feel improvement within few days of treatment. The author should be able to tell you that.

9. Program must be written in daily English and is understandable for the purchaser
Program should be written in easy understanding daily English, you don't want to have a dictionary with you every time you read the program. Technical and medical term should only be used when it is necessary.

10. Refund policy
Even with the best self help program, it may not work for all women. Be sure you buy from one that has been in business for many years, with good reputations and offers at least 8 weeks refund guaranteed.

I hope this information will help and good luck on your treatment.

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Since endometriosis is treatable and manageable by natural remedies and a self help course, if you have endometroisis, please look at the bright side.

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Endometriosis Articles (176- 215) written By Kyle J. Norton

176. Endometriosis 176 -
Ednometriosis and Magnesia Phosphorica ( Magnesium Phosphate, MgHPO47H2O)
Magnesium Phosphate is a nervous system tonic medicine, it helps to strengthen the activities of cells in the brain to regulate the transmitting of information to other cells in the body and reduce the nervous tension causing symptoms of endometriosis during menstrual cycle, such as headache, irritation, sleeplessness, loss of memory, fatigue, etc.

177. Endometriosis 177 - Ednometriosis and Natrium Sulphuricum ( Sodium Sulfate, Na2SO4)
Since liver is important in fatty acids metabolism, sodium sulfate helps to balance the hormones in the prostaglandins family, which control the function of uterine muscles. Over production of certain prostaglandins hormones cause over active uterus resulting in severe menstrual cramps.

178. Endometriosis 178 -
Ednometriosis and Natrium Muriaticum ( Sodium Chloride, NaC1)
Sodium chloride is said to increase glandular function, including the live, therefore, it not only helps the liver in metabolism of carbohydrate to provide energy for the body, but also increase the function of regulating insulin in the intestine thereby it lessens the foods and sugar craving for some women with endometriosis during menstrual cycle.

179. Endometriosis 179 -Ednometriosis and Natrium Phophoricum ( Sodium Phosphate, Na2HPO412H2O)
Natrium phophoricum helps the liver in fatty acids metabolism, thereby balancing the levels of prostaglandins hormone during menstrual cycle that reduce tension of over active uterine muscle leading to lesson of menstrual cramps.

180. Endometriosis 180 - Ednometriosis and Celisia ( Silcon Dioxide, SiO2 )
By cleansing the liver from toxic accumulation, it helps to strengthen the liver function in fat and protein synthesis that lessen the nervous tension resulting in reducing the symptoms of endometriosis, such as stress, danxiety, depression.

181. Endometriosis 181 -
Ednometriosis and Spinach
Spinach containing high amount of beta carrotene which is converted to vitamin A after eating not helps to improve the immune system in fighting against the forming endometrial implants and adhesion but also increases the cell activity in the nervous system resulting in reducing the symptoms of endometriosis such as anxiety, stress, irritation, etc.

182. Endometriosis 182-
Endometriosis and Watercress
Iron is essential for women with heavy blood flow during menstruation, because it helps to increase the levels of oxygen in the blood and increase the function of nervous system resulting in lessening the symptoms of endometriosis.

183. Endometriosis 183- Endometriosis and Avocado
Avocado containing high amounts of good cholesterol that help to bind the bad cholesterol in the arteries and eliminate it through waste, thereby increasing the transportation of nutrients of the bloodstream to our body resulting in lessening the symptoms of endometriosis including nervousness and irregular muscles's activity.

184. Endometriosis 184- Endometriosis and Garlic
Garlic is natural antioxidant that helps the immune system fighting against the forming of free radical and foreign invasion including bacteria, virus as well as forming of endometrial implants and adhesion.

185. Endometriosis 185- Endometriosis and Black Pepper
Black pepper is antioxidant and has been used in traditional medicine in strengthening the immune system in fighting against inflammation caused by cell abnormality such as forming of endometrial implants and adhesion, tumors, cysts, etc.

186. Endometriosis 186 -
Endometriosis and Green Pepper
Bioflavonoids in the green pepper beside helping to improve the function of vitamin C, its quercetin is the vital substance that helps to reduce inflammation resulting in reducing the risk of forming of endometrial implants and adhesion.

187. Endometriosis 187
- Endometriosis and Olive Oil
Olive oil contain high amount of fatty acids that helps to inhibit the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood stream resulting in increasing the blood circulation in the body including the abdomen that lesson the risk of over active uterine muscle and menstrual pain.

188. Endometriosis 188- Ednometriosis and Brocoli
Vitamin B5 is vital for production of sex hormone including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone that helps to bind levels of bad estrogen that causes endometriosis and endometrial sysptoms. Since broccoli helps to improve the levels of testosterone, it icreases the sexual desire for some women with endometriosis.

189. Endometriosis 189 - Ednometriosis and Apricot
Dry apricot contains high amount of fiber, that helps to move the stool in the large intestine resulting in lessening the menstrual cramps for some women with endometrial implants and adhesion attached to secreting organs.

190. Endometriosis 190
Ednometriosis and Peanut
Peanut contains high amount of essential acids that help to increase the liver in protein and fat metabolism that help to balance the hormone in the prostaglandins family resulting in lessening the menstrual cramps caused by over active of uterine muscles.

191. Endometriosis 191 -
Ednometriosis and Brewer's Yeast
Brewer's yeast contains high levels of good microorganism that helps to improve the digestive system in absorption of vital vitamins and minerals resulting in balancing the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the menstrual cycle.

192. Endometriosis 192 - Ednometriosis and Flower Essence--Hibiscus (double hybrid)
The flowers of hibiscus are large, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped, with five or more petals, ranging from white to pink, red, purple or yellow, and from 4-15 cm broad. It has been used as herbal tea in traditional medicine. Flower Essence--Hibiscus is an extraction from flowers of hibiscus.

193. Endometriosis 193
- Ednometriosis and Homeopathy Remedy--Calcarea
Calcarea carbonicais a members of the group Calcarea that possess spicules composed of calcium carbonate. It has been used in homeopathic medicine in treating obsessive behavior, anxiety, and fear of failure.

194. Endometriosis 194 -
Ednometriosis and Homeopathy Remedies--Sepia
Sepia is said to heal congestion caused by deficiency of nutrition for women with endometriosis because of inability of digestive system during menstrual cycle. In fact, for what ever reason, women with endometriosis are found to have some kinds of nutrients deficiency during menstrual cycle .

195. Endometriosis 195 -Ednometriosis and homeopathy remedies--Lachesis
Lachesis helps to release the blood stagnation in the bloodstream, thereby increasing the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to all the body organ need that helps to lessen the heavy blood flow for women with endometrosis during mens.

196. Endometriosis 196
- Ednometriosis and homeopathy remedies--Lilium Tigrum
Lilium tigrum is a nervous tonic medicine, it not helps to increase functions of cells in the nervous sytem, it also helps to release the tension of nervous system during menstrual cycle caused by hormone imbalance between estrogen and progesterone resulting in lessening the symptoms of endometriosis including weepiness and anxiousness.

197. Endometriosis 197 -Ednometriosis and homeopathy remedies--Colonthis
If the blood loss during mens caused by over active uterine muscle as resulting of tension of nervous sytem then by increasing the balance of cells function, colocynthis helps to regugulate the nervous tranmittion of information thereby lessening the irregular function of uterine muscle resulting in reducing the period flow.

198. Endometriosis 198 -Ednometriosis and homeopathy remedies--Belladona
Women with over active nervous system during menstrual cycle as resulting of hormone imbalance may cause yang qi stagnation resulting in symptoms of endometriosis including furious excitement, sudden stress and restless sleep.

199. Endometriosis 199 -
Ednometriosis and Hydrotherapy--Water Hosing
Hydrotherapy-- hosing is one of many treatment provided by your hypnotherapist. It includes cold and hot water therapy. It has been used to treat inflammation due to injure caused by physic impact.

200. Endometriosis 200
-Ednometriosis and Hydrotherapy--Under Water Massage
Under water massage is one of many treatments has been used by hypnotherapist to release tension of the pressure during massage for patient who can not endure the pain in the open air massage.

201. Endometriosis 201- Ednometriosis and Hydrotherapy---Under Water Exercise
Under water exercise is said to increase the circulation of blood to the abdomen region, thereby it not only reduces the muscle tension that causes menstrual cramps but also decreases the period flow caused by over active of uterine muscles.

202. Endometriosis 202- Ednometriosis and Hydrotherapy--Ice and Water
Ice and water is one many types of hydrotherapy that has been used in ancient time in Chinese history to rejuvenate the body by improving the functions of internal organs as well as detoxifying the body toxins.

203. Endometriosis 203- Ednometriosis and Hydrotherapy--Cold Compresses
Cold compress one of the most commonly used methods in hydrotherapy. It uses the mineral components of water to heal or relieve a wide variety of illnesses including inflammatory conditions.

204. Endometriosis 204 - Ednometriosis and Hydrotherapy-- Hot Compresses
Hydrohterapy-- hot water compress is the one of the oldest type of hydrotherapy, it has been used in many cultures including China, Japan to stimulate the immune system in fight against diseases based on thermal effects.

205. Endometriosis 205- Ednometriosis and Hydrotherapy--Sitz Baths
Hydrotherapy--sitz bath is one form of hydrotherapy treatment, it is a bath to cover the buttocks, upper thighs and lower abdomen with just enough water. It has been used for women with abdominal pain during menstrual cycle.

206. Endometriosis 206- Ednometriosis and Essential Oil--Bergamot
Bergamot is a small and roughly pear-shaped fragrant citrus fruit native to southeast Asia.It has been used as a ingredient for grey tea in treating malaria. The essential oil--beromot is an extraction of the tree.

207. Endometriosis 207 -
Ednometriosis and Essential Oil--Chamomile Roman
Roman chamomile is plant belongs to the anthemis nobilis of the family species Asteraceae, . It is also known as English chamomile, sweet chamomile and garden chamomile. It has been used in traditional medicine in treating nervous disorder.Pure essential oil--chamomile roman is made from essential oil steam distilled from chamomile flowers.

208. Endometriosis 208 -Ednometriosis and Essential Oil--Clary Sage
Clary sage essential oil is extracted from Salivia sclarea of the Labiatae family and is also known as clary, clary wort. It has been used in traditional medicine in treating muscle pain.

209. Endometriosis 209 - Ednometriosis and Essential Oil---Cypress
Essential oil- cypress also helps to increasing function of respiratory system by inhibiting glandular secretion that may partially block the air which is needed for oxygen production resulting in increasing the oxygen levels in the blood that are necessary for cells in the body.

210. Endometriosis 210 - Ednometriosis and Essential Oil--Fennel
Essential Oil--Fennel is also known as fenkel and Roman fennel, it is extracted from Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce, which is sweet fennel of the Umbelliferae (Apiaceae) family.

211. Endometriosis 211 - Ednometriosis and Essential Oil--Geranium
Essential oil-geranuim is said contains chemicals that helps relieve the tension of nervous system including the production adrenal gland resulting in lessening the symptoms of endometriosis such as emotional and physical stress, mild depression and anxiety.

212. Endometriosis 212-
Ednometriosis and Essential Oil--Helichrysum
Essential oil--helichrysum is antispasmodic, it helps to reduce the muscle tension caused by over active of brain cells in electrotype transmision of information resulting in increasing the muscle cramps in the abdomen foe women with endometriosis

213. Endometriosis 213 - Ednometriosis and Essential Oil--Lavender
Essential oil--lavender is also known as Lavandula, officinalis, it is extracted from lavandula angustifolia of the lamiaceae family. It has been used to relieve tensen of the nervous system.

214. Endometriosis 214- Ednometriosis and Essential Oil--Nutmeg
Essential oil--nutmeg helps to improve the tension of nervous system in controlling the muscle action in the body, thereby it reduces the over active of uterine muscle resulting in lessening the endometrial cramp for women with endometriosis.

215. Endometriosis 215 -
Ednometriosis and Essential Oil--Rose Otto
Essential oil--rose otto is also a liver tonic, it helps to increase the liver function in synthesis of carbohydrate that helps to gring energy to the body needs resulting in reducing symptoms of endometriosis including tiredness, fatigue and sleeplessness.
To Be Continued


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